So….Im just gonna put it out there….I have some serious ‘child baring’ hips.  Some people would say that Ive got an hourglass figure and that they’d kill for some curves, but I tell you what: The grass is ALWAYS greener!  Needless to say my little blessings has been the BAIN of my life through my teenage year (spent almost entirely clothed in dresses, not a pair of jeans in sight).  It is now only in my early/mid 20’s that I am starting to branch out to OTHER garments like you know…TROUSERS(!) and such.  Call it resting with my demons, self preservation, or just a general giving up on caring all the time but hell it feels good!

Despite all that, the good ol’ empire line dress is still a staple in the Bex wardrobe, and I pretty much always live in anything that brings me in under the bust or at the waist, and floats over those hips and thighs.  I’ve been really getting into the swing of Melbourne living over the past month or so and have picked up the bug: all things retro/vintage, and all things COFFEE.  Mix together some seriously cool 1950’s style Circle Skirts, and shit loads of caffeine and you get some SERIOUSLY PUMPED  sewing sessions!! (no image needed…you can imagine the jittering hands just milimetres from a raring needle right?!)  This new obsession with all things high-waisted has brought me back to my old teenage dilemma of dresses and cold weather: I am an English lass after all born and bred, and English weather is only really suited to dresses for approximately 4 days of every year when the sun decides to gingerly make an appearance from behind the storm clouds.

AND I HAVE FINALLY COME UP WITH AN AWESOME SOLUTIONS! Cropped Jackets.  Comfy and cosy giving you enough warmth to get through the comparatively autumnal cool of the Aussie winter, but not ending up with super frump dress bunch that you get from full length jumpers and jackets.

Ive been experimenting with a pattern that I drew up from a fantastic little vintage cropped jacket I found for £1 in a vintage fair 2 years ago.  I love it, even though it is only 1 layer of medium thickness cotton and gives little warmth.  The shape is amazing, very 1940’s in style with a small collar and fabric covered buttons down the middle.  I used it as a base for my Jacket pattern because I always found the cut to be so flattering, and it cuts off just at the waist thus being perfect for wearing with dresses and high waisted skirts.  Steadily over a few takes I have created a really beautiful pattern from the original jacket, with quarter length sleeves, asymmetrical front fastening, and a massive cowl neck.  I have also added a waist band for better shaping, that ties at the back (though in the future I am thinking of using buttons to fasten waistband at back.)  Here are some images of the finished product available for sale on my Online Store:

Nomads of the Plain- Cropped Jacket in natural cream Linen (bohemian,ethnic,goddess,hippie,gypsy,sexy,elven,fairy,women)

Nomads of the Plain- Cropped Jacket in natural cream Linen (bohemian,ethnic,goddess,hippie,gypsy,sexy,elven,fairy,women)

Lady of Lothlorien- Cropped Jacket in Teal/Brown  (bohemian,ethnic,goddess,hippie,gypsy,sexy,elven,fairy,women,natural,wool)

Lady of Lothlorien- Cropped Jacket in Forest Green Velvet (bohemian,ethnic,goddess,hippie,gypsy,elf,elven,elvish,fairy,women,natural,wool)
I’m loving this pattern, and just how versatile the jackets are.  I’ve been living in the first one I made, a few weeks ago now.  Its made from a thick teal Wool mix with a contrasting dark teal Corduroy used for the edging of the sleeves and the cowl neck.  I made mine with long sleeves because I wanted it to be a super warm jacket, but I really love this design with the 3/4 sleeves as in the images above.
More posts to come soon, of what I have been working on recently.  Feel free to check out the jackets seen above, all are still available and full descriptions/prices etc can befound on my Etsy Online Shop.
Thanks for reading!

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