Welcome to my brand spankin’ new SEWING BLOG!


Hello nobody, everybody and ANYBODY out there!

This is the first post in a new blog that I am starting, charting my progress in setting up my online shop ‘Selkie’ selling hand-made and unique Women’s garments and accessories.  On this blog I will keep a record of the designs I am working on, and share images of the process and finished garments.  This blog not only will be a great way for me to see my progress but also a fantastic online source of inspiration and ideas for all you crafters and creators out there!

A bit about myself: I started sewing clothes when I was about 15, creating customised and upcycled peices for myself and my friends.  Soon I was recieving a lot of interest in my clothing and got inspired to start selling my clothes through a small boutique in my homewtown, and create commissions for friends of friends.  Steadily my confidence and love of sewing grew and, whilst moving down to Bristol to take part in an Art Degree, Myself and a friend set up a clothing company selling ethical and upcycled clothing through markets and stores around the South-West.

Now, I am in Melbourne! And after a massive year of change that has found me over the other side of the world, in a beautiful relationship, I have started out on my own, this time under the name ”Selkie”.  Selkie’s are mythical Seal Women who take off their seal skins and turn into beautiful maidens.  The folk stories speak of fisherman who fall in love with these women and steal their skins so they can never go back to the oceans.  I was born by the sea, and the name brings back beautiful memories of folk tales, hunting for oysters and driftwood on the beach with my grandmother, and warm salty sea air.  I love the idea of clothing being like a second skin, allowing us to explore parts of our personality, change our identity when ever we feel like it.  For me clothing is a way of expressing myself, standing out from the crowd, wrapping myself up in magic.

So here I am,

So excited about this new adventure!




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