Sunday Sewing Sesh, with PJs and a cup of Tea.


Mmmm, you gotta love a bank holiday weekend! Tom (my partner) and I went to a Fancy Dress 50th party last night dressed up as a gentleman and a hippy mother sporting full suit tails and a mahoosive pregnancy belly, pretty hilarious especially on the train ride over there (im not pregnany by the way though it was RATHER convincing).  After a long lie in this morning, Im finally getting round to making a green velvet dress I’ve been planning on making myself for about a month now.  The pattern is based on a beautiful McCalls 1960’s shift dress pattern that I have altered over the years, by making it have a boat neck at the front leading down to a deep plunge at the back of the dress.  The pattern is about a modern UK 10 when made up, so I always have to add a few inches to the hips when making for myself (Im a UK12-14).  Ive made and sold garments using this pattern quiet a few times already.  Here are some of the previous variations/reincarnations:


The first image is the same basic variation as I am making today, though I will be making it a little larger at the hips.  The second is a cropped asymmetrical top version with a beautiful lace trimming on the base (great for layering).  The third is a dress I made for myself out of some beautiful batik fabric I picked up on one of my travels to Indonesia, its still an absolute favourite and great with leggings and over jeans, and the fourth photo shows it in its reincarnation as a cropped waistcoat in some awesome upholstery fabric I picked up for free and amazing mother of pearl buttons….it is pretty steampunk-esque.

The pattern is a favourite, once I fall in love with the fit of a pattern i have a tendancy of using it again and again and creating new patterns from the original, though it’s been hidden away in my pattern folder for over a year now.  A few days ago I took it out, blew off the cobwebs and made a beautiful variation on the original out of purple lace with a contrasting lining fabric.  This time instead of using biased binding to finish the neck edges, I used a small ‘lip’ of lace to the edge instead.   I saw a dress very similar in ‘Friends Couture’ on Degraves St in Melbourne which gave me the inspiration to take this pattern out and try this added feature.  Here is the finished dress I made a few days ago.

(This dress is a UK10/US8 and is available for purchase for $65 on my online shop )

So all that background aside, this is what I have been up to this morning….excuse the pyjamas but I did warn you!

Excuse the crumply fabric, the iron has gone haywire, so i’ve had to do with out it today….pain in the ass as all you creative people know!

So yeh, thats where im at so far! Now lots of darts to pin in, and fingers crossed it should be ready by 5pm for the sunday evening pub gathering i’m heading too later. Photos of finished dress to come!

I’d love to hear from you all about your favourite patterns, maybe even see images of alterations of the same pattern! Just post responces in the comments ❤

Much love everyone and HAPPY SUNDAY!



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