Catch- up.


Hello beautiful ones!

Im writing this post listening to ‘Bird Song’ by The Wailin Jennys.  So beautiful, such a beautiful theme to my chilly tuesday evening cosied up with my laptop and PJs on the sofa.  Ive spent the evening looking through some AMAZING inspirational websites and photos, Im going to make a blog entry after this one just documenting what i have found and the things that particularly inspire me.

But First!  What Ive been up to in this last month.  I completed a beautiful teal woolen cropped jacket pictured below for a wonderful lady called Grace, an exact copy of the one I made for myself (she saw me in it and commissioned me to make her one exactly the same).



I managed to snap a quick photo of the process, but was in a super hurry to get it finished for her quickly and didnt get the chance to document it properly.  Im so proud of this jacket pattern, its a real gem.  At some point Id love to make it into a woolen coat….im thinking chestnut brown with embroidered details, mmmm.

My BIG project at the moment is a summer wedding dress for the wonderful stunner Holly Foresyth.  Its a bit of a scary project not only because its ‘THE’ dress….but also because im in Australia and Holly is in England….so no fittings and only working with my mannaquin and her measurements which i never really completely trust.  The nice thing is though that the dress we have designed together is backless and quite floaty so should have room for a little error in sizing.  We’ll see anyway (breath, breath!).  Very exciting though and such a compliment that she thought of me and trusts me with this!

So we have been emailing with inspiration photos and colour/fabric swatches and ideas, and have come up with a design that is just so divine.  The dress is going to be based on this dress shown below…Holly’s ‘Dream Dress’ as we’ve been calling it =)


The materials that we’ve picked out are these below….really hard to get the correct colour on the photos, and the main material is actually quite a bit darker in real life, a kind of Minky cream colour, with a creamy soft see-through material to layer over and lighten the look. 


And for the lacey capped sleeves Ive collected some beautiful vintage Doillies from Savers on the Sydney Rd in Brunswick.


So yeh, the fabric is bought and waiting to be made 3D 😉 Im giving myself 2 solid weeks to work on the dress so am actually quitting my work 2 weeks ahead of planned (Tom and I are moving to the coutry to work at a rural learning centre for 3 months).  Ive started planning the pattern, and am part way through the creation of the bust and waistband, though still need to work on how it will sit at the back.  Here is where I am at so far, a test run of the bust section:


So yeh! Thats the progress so far on the dress, lots more to come on this front and ill make sure to take photos of the progress through out the process!

Hope you guys are all happy and enjoying your summer, and all you Melbournians hopefully are all wrapped up warm and snuggly.

Bex xx


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