Natural Dye’s Experiment…and a wintery knit dress in between!


So this evening after a hard days work I found myself boiling fabric with beetrooty water in a huge vatt on the stove.  Endless fun, and still ongoing now.  Ive documented the process so far with more photos of the finished fabric tomorrow!


First I boiled the fabric I wanted to dye (100% Cotton) in a solution of 1 part white vinegar to 3 parts water for one hour. Then I rinsed out the fabric with cold water and squeezed out all the excess water.


Next, I removed the skin and diced 6 beetroot and stewed them in a large vatt of water for an hour.  Then I removed all of the beets from the water (use to make suuuper tastey beetroot soup!) and put in all my fabric.


And there we are, sooooooo far! Ive let the fabric boil away in the dye for a few hours and now Ive turned it off and am letting it sit in the dye overnight.  Looking forward to seeing the end product in the morning! ❤


Other then that I have managed to fit in making a sweet little knit fabric dress out of some really cheap brown stretchy material I bought on the way home from work today.  Im pretty happy with how it has worked out, though it has puckered a little on the seams (my overlocker is boxed up in the UK still)…but im hoping that the seams will relax a little and sort themselves out when worn. The dress is inspires by a beautiful dress by Oona Elena at Moonalia (pictured below)


And here is my super rush job attempt at a similar style.  I added darts into the dress at the front and back, as I am a completely different shape to Oona and definately CANNOT get away with a straight up and down knit dress.


So yeh! More photos to follow of the finished material =) until then, Ciao!


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