Its been a long while since Ive posted, partly because its Spring here in Australia and for the last 2 months I have been suuuuper busy in the organic veg garden weeding and planting and mulching and all things ‘hard work’ before the good bits like picking and eating what you’ve grown!  Here is where most of my energy is going, doesnt it look worth it though??


But I’ve been reading some amazing  creative blogs through out this intermission and am super reinspired to get this one cracking again. 

Its an eclectic bunch, but some of the blogs that I have been munching on recently and highly recommend are:

All fantastic and inspiring reads that satisfy the crafty handmaiden in me and also the holistic/grow-your-own side!

I’ve also been productive on the sewing front too, making a few commissions (particularly the cropped jackets which have been doing really well in my Etsy shop and some sweet dresses too- it is coming into Summer here after all!  Here are a few snapshots of recent creations:


Some major decisions about the direction of my clothing line at TheSelkieFolk have been slowly and calmly coming about over the last month or so too.  Something that I’ve been thinking about more and more (particularly whilst wandering around the multitude of fabric shops in Melbourne!) has been the ethicality and ecological background of the materials that I buy.  I have always enjoyed using recycled materials, bedsheets, curtains to make creations out of and love to upcycle old garments to create new peices, but recently with my want to start from scratch and create more tailored garments, I have found myself buying almost all of my fabrics of the shelf.  And ladies and gents the guilt has definately been building!  So after a lot of pondering and also research into costings etc I have decided to gradually move TheSelkieFolk in the direction of using only Organic Fairtrade natural fibres, and also to handdye using Fibre Reactive Dyes (which are the most ecologically friendly dye you can buy other then Natural dyes which need heavy metal mordents).  Obviously these materials cost a lot more then what I am used to buying from what I am starting to sweetly rename ”Junky fabric stores”, and also a lot more time and money is taken in the whole Dyeing process too.  But I’ve decided to make the commitment, and fingers crossed will have the support of the Etsy community in this new venture!

As we speak I have 18 metres of the tastiest Organic Cotton being driven back from the local town, which has flewn all the way from India! It is a mixture of beautiful hand blockprinted Organic Cotton (dyed with natural plant dyes and Indigo), a few yards of plain dyed Organic Cotton and also some undyed unbleached cotton for Dyeing myself.  I was really hoping to be able to source locally grown Organic Cotton here in Australia, but as of yet have not found a viable source under $30 a metre, so India it is.  For now.  Photos to come!

So in aid of these changes, I am having a Sale on all the beautiful clothing I have listed on my Online Shop


So feel free to grab yourself or someone you love a bargain or feel super virtuous and get organised ahead of time for Christmas, and support my journey into owning a completely ethically aware clothing line!

Much love and thanks for reading ❤


Cuppa tea and a catch up


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