Holly Wedding Dress update (dont look if you are part of Holly Fosythe’s wedding party!)


I thought I would update you guys on the Wedding Dress that I made for the wonderful Holly F. a few months back.  It was a serious learning curve and an interesting process to say the least….I learnt a lot from the whole experience and over all I would say it was a positive one.

I am really happy with the wedding dress that I made and I think it looks beautiful.  In the end I think that there were a few things that Holly would have liked to change (things that were not mentioned through out the design process sadly), but she seems to be happy overall with her Dress.

I learnt that trying to get a woman to descibe her dream dress to you is REALLY hard.  And I also learnt that trying to make someone elses dream dress, when your wedding dress is built up to be this MAGICAL thing, is also REALLY hard.  Another thing that really popped out to me as a lesson, is to make it clear up front when the design process is ending, and to give your customer a dated deadline as to when any major sculptural changes can be made.  I think that would have been so useful for myself and Holly in this experience and we both lived and learned 😉

But anyways, here are some photos of the finished product, sadly only fast snapshots all very last minute before posting.  Ill also put in a photo of Holly’s dream dress, that our dress is loosely based on.  Remember- this is my first ever wedding dress Ive made and I am completely self taught.  This was not from a full pattern too so…yeh im pretty damn proud of myself!  And it was made on a REALLY tight budget.)

(this is the image Holly gave me as her ‘dream dress’- its a beauty, very couture, and very expensive.

So there it is for you guys… looking back at the photos for the first time in a few months I actually feel really proud of what I accomplished with this project.  Its not the dream dress, but it was never going to be.  This is a Bexi interpretation, and a rather pretty one at that =)

Thanks for reading,



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    • Hi Danielle, I would be able to make you something similar to this one for approximately $700/£400. If the time frame is quicker then a few months then the price may go up slightly.
      Thanks for the message and please send me an email if you are interested to rebekahsjs@gmail.com

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