*My October Etsy Wish List*


Welcome to my dreams…

This is a compilation of the things that I am LOVING at the moment, from some fab sellers on Etsy.  This are things that I dont just love the look of (if it was then I would be here for a LONG time), but things that I would love to own.  Somehow Im just not sure my wonderful gentlemanly sidekick would approve.  Oh dear.
Get ready to be seriously inspiiiiired! (Ill put basic info including shop name and price underneath, you know, just in case you fall in love too!)

Sunny handmade leather flats, MADE to your MEASUREMENTS
These beauties cost $195 and are handmade to your specific measurements by the
wonderful Olesya at ‘Chebran’ on Etsy.  Check out her beautiful creations
Yellow Infinity Crochet Scarf With Colorfull Floral-  Necklace Woman Scarf-Shawl--Cowl-2012 Winter Fashion Accessories-Handmade Scarf

This ‘ infinity scarf ‘ costs just $22.90 and is the most gorgeous mustard colour…

can you see that im going through a mustard colour phase at the moment?!

Its from Selen at ‘ Womens Scarves ‘ on Etsy and you can find her creations

@   http://www.etsy.com/shop/WomanScarves

Hand Painted Tooled Leather Belt - Flowers - Adult sizes
This beauty is made from handcarved and painted leather by the seriously talented Sarah
at ‘ SarahsArtistry ‘.  It costs just $39.95 and I love how bold and colourful it is!  Mmmm yum.
You can find her Etsy shop @  http://www.etsy.com/shop/SarahsArtistry
Reserved For Sharon Exspress Delivery - Mustard Gold Yellow Crochet Shrug / Any Season
Here ends my mustard madness.  This gorgeous little bolero/shawl is handmade by the
very clever peeps at ‘ StarKnitting ‘.  It costs $70 and I think is worth evvvvery penny. YUM.
A-symmetric open back dress, pixie dress, fairy dress, goddess dress, funky dress, bow dress
This open back multiway pixie dress is….oh man, see for yourself.  Epic.  And it only costs
$42 too, made from the wonderful goddesses at ‘ Picarona ‘, with a price like that it comes
pretty guilt free too.  Mmm…..yum!  Check it out here:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/Picarona
gypsy tudung. hooded cowl tunic. organic bamboo hemp blend. hand dyed color- ochre red. 'made to order'
This beauty is wonderfully named the ‘Gypsy Tudung’ and is an Organic, Handdyed and HANDSEWN
magical creation made by Queen of the Elves herself  Miss Rose of ‘ Run with the Tribe ‘.  A magical
woman who creates the most amazing handsewn(no machine) beauties and you really should check
her out.  This costs just $90 (think of the time!) and can be found here:
And for now peeps, that is where my story ends.  I could carry on for days of course……. but, Ill save that for another day.
Thanks for reading!

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    • Thanks Bhakti,
      Yes Rose is a beaaautiful women and she has a beautiful little son too. Are you following her on Facebook, if not you should because she posts the most beautiful photos of her design process and her (stunning!) workspace/house. Its a beautiful way of bringing her customers into her creative world and making them feel part of her processes, i just love that. I also am really inspired by the ethicality of her creations, that everything is organic and handdyed etc…i just dont know how she manages to keep her prices so relatively low and still make a living, i would really love to work out that balance myself, i always find it so hard to give my creations a monetary ‘worth’ as it depends from person to person and wage to wage i should think!
      Much love, look forward to reading new posts from you soon, I loved your blog about turquoise its probably still my top fav colour (even above mustard ;-P)
      bex xx

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