Just as light pervades a rainbow…


I just had to quickly share this before I toodle off to bed, because its VERY exciting (well for me anyway!)    I think I have finally chosen my colour palette for dyeing my Organic cotton! I took a quick screenshot so you could get a little sneak peek:


I’ve decided to try out Dharma Trading’s ‘Fibre Reactive’ dyes, with the plan to hopefully experiement with natural dyes in the near future.  I have heard a lot of positive things about the quality of the F-Reactive’s and they seem to be the main choice of designers on Etsy too from what I can see.  It is a rather lengthy process to use these dyes involving lots of extra start up costs along side the costs of dyes….which is a little nerve wracking as my Etsy shop is still relatively new (7months and probably only 4 months really active) and very slow in regards to actual sales (13 and counting).  Extras needed for the Fibre Reactive dye baths are non iodized salt, soda ash and textiles detergent at the very least.  Dharma recommends a miriad of other products as well but for now I plan on getting my hands on the basics as cheaply as possible (non iodised salt and soda ash/washing soda are easily bought in shops) and trying to keep start up costs as minimal as possible.

So there is definately a pinch of trepidation mixed in with a far amount of excitement too at diving head first into this Organic/Hand dyeing venture, and I am feeling a little like a yester year struggling bohem….its quite a sweet feeling really.  Ah well, fingers crossed people will like what I make and be inpired enough by the time and love that goes into my future creations to be willing to part with some hard earned cash for them ❤

Now, Tom and I are off to the city tomorrow super early and im thoroughly ready to test my new resolve to stear clear of Fabric shops!

Until next time,



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