My pretend Autumn.


Its getting into serious Summer territory here….dusty roads with snoozing brown snakes, our first festival, and little lime green strawberry buds popping up under their white flowers.  But somehow when it comes to my recent sewing projects, EVERYTHING is Autumn.  I think my body is still refusing to believe that it can be November and still be spring….its just not RIGHT! ❤

I’ve just got back from a wonderful weekend of Folk Festivalling with my fine fellow at Molden Folk Festival here in Victoria (a seperate post soon on that) but the 2 days prior I was busy enjoying a little taste of freedom having finished my Wwoofing farm work and inbetween jobs (we start cherry sorting on 14th Nov until the middle of Jan so making the most of having some sewing time while I can!).  I tried out two patterns, the first is a front zip halter neck dress with wacky inlayed pockets and the second is a men’s shirt pattern. 

Here is the Dress I made, with photos mid process and me wearing the final peice:

ImageIm pretty happy with the results, though it still needs some tweeking, and the zip does pucker a little as it sits against the belly.  I might try this pattern out with the zip at the back and without the front seam as see how that looks.  I also ended up having to add little poppers to the inside of the pockets so that they would sit flush instead of standing out (they are at hip level so NOT flattering when they were poofing out!).  This dress is made of a mixture of recycled thick cotton material and my new handblocked organic cotton which is dyed with natural plant dyes and woven on antique looms.

My next project is starting my adventures into Men’s clothing…the intention being to start up a mini collection of men’s organic clothing too soon.  I have never made a shirt before and this one worked out beaaaauuuutifully.  Its made out of thick cotton and the same Organic blockprinted cotton as in the dress above.  It was a present to Tom and looks super lovely on him.  Its still waiting for some buttons before it is completed and there will soon be photos up of Tom modelling it once its complete.  I added little bits of colour on the turn up cuffs and also on the inside of the collar, nothing too out there but nice little touches of colour.  This shirt can also come with short sleeves, and pockets.




It was so lovely to get all productive again on the sewing, after having had a few quiet weeks busy working in the garden, and soooo nice to sneakily delve into my new pile of Organic fabrics.  Im waiting for my delivery of Dharma Fibre Reactive Dyes before I really start cracking on producing some more beauties, and Ive got a nice collection of Organic and Recycled materials just waiting for some beautiful colour! ❤

Much love,



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