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Oops, its been nearlly a month!


Well folks,

I thought I’d get another post in there quickly before it was a WHOLE MONTH without any updates.  Its been a crazy CRAZY one as both Tom and I have been working 11-13hr days 7 days a week since the last week of November which involve getting up at 5am every morning and getting home between 7-8pmish.  Its crazy and we’re definately feeling the effects, im at home ill having had 2 sick days, with full power ear infection and chesty cough etc etc.  We are working in a huge Cherry packing shed about half an hour from Toms parents house were we are still staying.  I am working in quality control, testing and inspecting the quality of the cherries packed, and Tom is a bit of an everything man organising all the labels, pallet cards and deliverys.  Its intense work from start to finish and basically it means that I have done nothing but work eat and sleep for a month.  I MISS SEWING! ❤ But the money is a great boost as we were down to our last $150 before we started as only Tom had been working and that was only part time, while I was doing the agricultural labouring I needed to do to get the visa extension needed to keep me in the country!  By the end we should have saved around $10/15,000 which will help us on our visit to the UK in Feb to see my folks and also to pay bond/have savings for a wonderful little nest of our own in Melbourne…. Im dreaming of an attic sewing room and starting a container veggi garden, and starting yoga classes and hoop classes and getting another Nanny job and having a bright red bicycle with a bell on it and zooming through the city traffic ❤  I am VERY excited, and that excitement is just about pulling me through this crazy work madness that we are thoroughly in at the moment.

But the real plan of this post was to fill you guys in on what I had been up to, creating, just before I started this crazy work journey! So here are some photos of my first 3 YUMMY creations that will be the start of my hand-dyed/eco range =) They are all ‘Sun Salutation’ Waistcoats/Vests made from a mixture of recycled, handdyed and organic cottons and get their name from the lovely little sun hand embellishments around the eyelets on the front and back.


This one above is made from the most gorgeous handwoven fairtrade organic cotton which I dyed using my own colour mix of Fibre Reactive dyes.  I called this colour ‘Ocean’ because it reminds me of english creeks with water reads and reflections of the blue sky.  The hood and side panels are made from recycled cotton dyed in the same dye batch.


This version is made from recycled cotton that has been dyed using Fibre Reactive Dyes in my own colour creation ‘Desert Rose’.  The side panels and hood are made from the most beautiful Organic Indian blockworked fabric which is simply stunning and is also FairTrade.  It has 4 eyelets at the front and 4 at the back which have all been embellished with mustard coloured thread to look like suns.  These peices are all fully lined and have a really lovely weight to them which makes them sit beautifully either fastened with ribbon or simply left hanging open.  I love the shape of the hood too, its super big and makes you look like a myyyystical goddess =)  Super yummy.


This one was actually the first one that I made out of the 3.  It was made out of some remnents of gorgeous beetroot coloured cotton I had and is accented with the scrummiest recycled silk scarf Ibought on my travels through Dharamasala, India.  This peice is something special, the colours are so tastey and the mustard yellow stitchwork around the eyelets at the front and back match beautifully the little mustard flowers of the recycled silk scarf.

These peices will be for sale shortly, once I get a chance to get a photoshoot done with them.  I have thought a lot about the pricing of my new Eco range, as I still want my prices to be accessible to all markets, but also to cover the extra costs and time that most be added due to buying organic fairtrade materials, fibre reactive dyes from the U.S, and the 2+hrs dye batch time on each colourway.  So I have chosen to cost every design and pay myself minimum wage for the sewing and part of the dye time, so as to create an honest yet sustainable price for each garment.  The cost of all my Sun Salutation Waistcoats will be $130/approx £85, which will include free international shipping anywhere in the world.  In my own experience of purchasing online, I find it sucks to find an amazing peice at a good price and then be stung for TONS of shipping costs at checkout…it usually puts me off big style, so my shipping is factored into the final cost and that is the amount that you will pay, no hidden extras.

Another beautiful peice that I created a few weeks ago was this AWESOME ‘Healing Power’ Lapis wrist cuff, which is made using Macrame knotting techniques, a huge flawless peice of Lapis Lasuli that I found on my travels through India, and beautiful handcrafted Brass beads.  It is for sale on my Etsy shop for $70 which includes all international postage.  Just follow this link to check it out: DIGITAL CAMERASo time and energy are at an all time low, but the creative drive is just waiting for its moment to shine…so many ideas and not enough time! Im planning a beautiful ‘Ocean’ coloured Organic cotton dress at the moment, with pockets and a hood and an assymetrical hem.  Its just going to have to stay in my brain for a few more weeks until this crazy work is over and I have some time to play again!!

Much love to you all and thanks for inspiring and supporting me ❤