Wolf Women.


Wolf Women.

A beautiful new friend brought me this for my 25th Birthday that just passed a couple of days ago. I am on the first page entitled ”Singing over the Bones” and this is an excert:
”It’s not by accident that the pristine wilderness of our planet dissappears as the understanding of our own inner wild natures fades. It is not so difficult to comprehend why old foests and old women are viewed as not very implortant resources. It is not such a mystery. It is not so coincidental that wolves and coyotes, bears and wildish women have similar reputations. They all share related instinctual archaetypes, and as such, both are erroneously reputed to be ingracious, wholly and innately dangerous, and ravenous.”

Hmmm i think im delving into an interesting read!

This book also comes at a time of new starts, new cycles and saying good bye to the old. The old being my beautiful Great Grandmother Phyllis who passes away this new year just shy of her 102nd birthday. She was a funny, wonderful and amazing woman who mothered 4 children, buryed one, lived through 2 world wars, danced well into her 90’s and lived in the house she was born in all her life. May she dance on, reunited with her daughter my wonderful grandmother Cynthia, forever more. These women chose me as their kin, I am unrelated by blood, but they chose to love me so strongly that that fact was forgotten. Such wonderful and inspirational women and mothers. ❤


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