New Beginnings


There’s a lot of hustle and bustle going on in this neck of the woods at the moment.  Tom and I are mid process of the big move down to Melbourne from his parents beautiful abode in countryside Victoria.  After a fair bit of drama and wrangling the Oz property market, we’ve finally managed to secure a sweet pad in the raaaaa-ther funky neighbourhood of Brunswick, Melbourne.  Im chuffed to bits that its finally sorted! Tom seems to think it was an easy feit as we managed to secure the first property I found that he went to see with me (which happened to be by far the nicest, best location, top of our budget).  I still remember the 2 weeks of constant property searching, going to estate agents and doing open house inspections with 30 other people….im trying to forget all that though 😉

So our new little pad is pretty damn awesome really.  Its a 2 bed 2nd floor apartment in a group of 30, just 20mins tram from the city centre and surrounded by fabric shops, lovely little cafes and vintage shops, great Op-Shops(*Opportunity shops or Charity shops if your English!) and a Wholefoods Organic Supermarket just up the road! We have a good amount of space, with 2 double bedrooms one of which is soon to become our study room and my Studio! There is a cute little balcony looking out onto a small communal green down below and Tons and TONS of storage space.  Here is a sneeky peek of our new pad, and more photos to come in the next few days when we move in (we’re moving in tomorrow- Wed 23rd).


Its going to be pretty super-darn-fantastically amazing having our first Tom-Bex real home(we’ve been living together pretty much from day 1 so since july 2011 but always short term or crashing with other people), and Ive been without a real abode since Jan 2011 so I am SO unbeleivably ready to have our own place to get cosy in and get creative!

So I’ve just spent the last few days packing us up whilst Tom has being working a few days at his old job making us a little extra dosh while he still can (we’re living off our savings at the moment which are diminishing fast- renting in Melbourne is EXPENSIVE!), but i’ve had a chance to catch some yummy sunshine in the garden ❤ and look how beautiful everything looks!



The 3rd photo shows the corn that I planted a few months ago.  Pretty amazing huh! I made 3 areas of corn planting the sections in 2 week intervals so there should be tastey corn-on-the-cob for longer.  They are loving the extra nitrogen in the soil too- Tom turned over a massive patch of Broad Beans into the soil a few months ago to give it a bit of a Nitrogen lift and it seems to be working wonders.  Here is the man himself mid Broad Bean turning (looking very embaressed about the half naked photo im making him pose for!


So generally all is well.  Money worries as per usual, savings disappearing far to quickly and not sure were the money is going to come from etc etc etc but I wont go too much into that.  For now we are just enjoying the excitement of new beginnings, budgetting ourselves and Im concentrating on getting some new stock up on Etsy which will hopefully help, and looking for a Part time Nanny job for when we get back from the UK in March.(Oh yeh I forgot to say we’re going to the UK for a one month family visit!)

Thats all for now folks, I’ll do a quick post of what’s new on the Etsy shop and will update soon with new home photos! ❤


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  1. Lush! The house looks perfect and cosy from the pic. I totally know that RELIEF of finally having somewhere to call your own. Sometimes the life of short-term and crashing in friends abodes, can get tiring and shitty, but there are so many bonuses too – one being that when you find somewhere that’s YOURS, the gratitude and relief is huge! You deserve it all. Lots of love. And welcome back to the UK : ) xxx

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