My Ozzie Autumn Wishlist


Hey beautiful folks,

I havn’t created an Etsy Wishlist for a while now, so here is my new autumn wishlist! Its a compilation of Clothing, Accessories and HomeWares from some of my new and old favourite shops on Etsy.  Prices and Links below photos- Support hand-made!


Sticks and Stones Set by American based independent jewellery designer ColbyJune ($225)

Im absolutely in love with this set of stackable hand-made rings, made out of a mixture of Sterling Silver, 14K Gold and Bronze.  I could imagine having these as alternative wedding rings, and the natural theme really hits the spot.  These are perfect for people like me, who love to wear gold and silver jewellery together.



This beauty is made using handdyed recycled and natural materials by the wonderful Norwegian designer LinusManus ($277)

Super bohemian and built onto a stretchy cotton top it looks so comfy and perfect for any gypsy queen or woodland pixie.  Her style of clothing reminds me very much of wonderful Oona’s work at Moonalia ( but with more earthy greens and browns that I absolutely love.  I also love the Victorian spin on this dress with the corsetting designs on the back.  Yum.



This stumbled upon this amazing Blue Fall Jacket by French designer Malam recently, and Im in complete Jacket heaven ($355)   I love the dramatic cutout and sleeve details, and the embroidered royal blue fabric is stunning.  I’ve been in love with a lot of peices by French designer Malam for a few years now and her new wedding dress design makes me almost want to go down on one knee just so I could have the excuse to buy it!


Amazing pixie style Wedding dress and Bolero set by Malam- (Dress $2150, Bolero $245)


Something completely different now, these scrumptious handmade bike panniers by Tiny Tank Tech are perfect for any self-respecting peddle-propelled person- ($160) .  They are water resistant (handwaxed fabric!) and come in a variety of different fabrics, but these are my fav’s.  So beautiful!  I can imagine them looking rather fancy on my new Melbourne Steed (see photo below!)- She’s called ‘Lady’ by the way….



Carrying on with the Bike theme… check out these amazing bike planters!  They are made by WearablePlanter ($45)  Great for green fingered growers everywhere, and if you like me are deprived of a garden (though I am very much looking forward to planting out our balcony when I get back!) then these are a fantastic mini urban alternative…. Ive got images of bike baskets filled with strawberry bushes….whatever next?  😉


This little gem is actually a backpack (im a BIG fan of backpacks) and I stumbled upon this one on my hunt for a new leather backpack to replace my much loved faux leather one I used to death.  This beauty is 100% the real deal, in a beautiful teal blue waxed canvas with tan leather straps and clasps and fully lined with a scrummy red fabric lining.  It is made by Turkish designer OttoBags ($69)


This is my other fav Backpack that I found, made in Portland, Oregon by designer ColleenPeddycord ($40)  It is made out of recycled materials and is fully lined and versatile.  I love that it just looks SO homemade!  My mother used to make little drawstring style bags out of old materials and this is like a trip down memory lane.  There is absolutely nothing flimsy about this pretty little thing though- it has a sturdy denim base, is lined throughout and has strong closures and canvas straps.


I just absolutely live in leggings, they are just so comfy and versatile, but these stunners are in a league of their own.  Nashville based designer CarouseLink creates these amazing designs from scratch, firstly illustrating, then screenprinting and sewing her designers.  They are super funky, and I want a pair right now.  Im serious.  ($32)

And thats all for now folks, so many beauties so little time!! Dont forget to check out my homemade wares too, just follow this link ( to my online shop ❤

Have a lovely day everyone!



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