Exciting Times!


Exciting times!  If you would like to catch me in person and try on some beautiful new Selkie garments, then come say hello on Saturday 4th May at the Rose Street Market, in Fitzroy, Melbourne!  The Rose Street Market is a stunning crafts market with food stalls, live performance and music, amazing local designers and artists and a really lovely festival like atmosphere.  It is open every weekend throughout the year and there is a great selection of hand picked designers selling a range of gift ideas, fashion and everything else in between. 

Its an honour to be able to sell here, and I cant wait!  Here is a link to their website: http://www.rosestmarket.com.au/

I’m also picking up a new OverLocker today, wooo!  Its a pre-owned Jenome 204D and I AM SO EXCITED!  I cant wait to be able to venture properly into stretch fabrics!  Pretty much the only thing that I still have to by from highstreet stores are leggings and basic jersey tops/dresses…and I cant wait not to have to do that anymore.  Im going to be making a variety of basic layering peices for Rose Street on the 4th May; leggings, basic jersey dresses, yoga pants, and maybe some cowl neck tops too.  Im in the process of sourcing some organic jersey materials at the moment, but I have also found an awesome source of stretch fabric remnents (ends of rolls from Fashion/Textiles Industry that would otherwise get chucked into Landfill!) close to home too!  So exciting!

Ill post some pics of the newest member to the Selkie studio when Mr Overlocker arrives safely.

Until then,



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