Janome love and new designs!


Hey folks,

As my last post said I bought a Janome Overlocker a few days ago, I bought it secondhand from a lady just round the corner from me who has hardly ever used it.  Its a Janome Mylock 204D and it’s a real beauty!


I’m super happy with it so far!  It took me about an hour, some long tweezers and some serious swear words to get it threaded up, but I got there eventually, and the last 2 days have been *rather(!)* productive!  Here are some of my new prototypes I’ve been working on!  All the material that I’ve been using are remnents from the fabric factories close to my house… they are all  the last few metres from the end of fabric bolts and thus are being saved from being chucked in the landfill!

This badboy is called the Cowl Neck Pencil Dress, is a backless halter number which hugs those curves tightly down to the knee creating a booty-ful sillouette!  (I’ve got leggings under it in these photos but you get the general gist)


Next peice that I’ve been working on is this awesome basic dress design, a low plunge tank dress that I’m calling the Shake-It Dress…for bloomin’ ovbious reasons! I mean, LOOK AT IT?! 482386_10151305603801765_1249524063_n

And finally, I’ve just finished making a prototype pair of leggings out of the yummies 4-way stretch fabric in a yummy Ocean-y Blue.   They have a thick elastic waistband, that is super soft and won’t dig in.7845_10151307900321765_612614404_n

I’m so excited to be able to work with stretch fabrics!  It’s taking some serious effort to master the art, and is TOTALLY different to sewing non-stretch fabrics, but its so exciting.  I live in leggings and long tops and jersey skirts and I’ve been dying to be able to make myself some new things and be completely self suffucient so I dont need to really buy anything now from highstreet stores!  YAY!

I’ve been dying to make a dress like this one shown below, that my beautiful friends Miriam and Gabby bought in Goa in 2011…I didnt buy one and I’ve regretted it for the last 2 years! They are a really simple design, so feminine and flattering, but I havn’t been able to have a go making them because it just wasn’t even worth trying to use stretch fabrics with my normal sewing machine.  So I’m so excited I’ve finally got a chance to play around with making my own version of this beautiful dress and can’t wait to make some more versions!!


Until next time beautiful people,

Bex xxx


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