All things Metallic and Shiny.


I made this awesome little number this week, thought I’d share a quick photo of it with you ❤

I found a 1.5metre remnent of this amazing gold painted blue cotton in my local fabric factory and fell in love with it, its amazing stuff! I hope that I can find some more, Im going to have a delve later on in the week when I get a chance to go back!   It’s awesome to work with and is oh-so-soft unlike most shiny materials which are usually polyester at the very least.

And this is the almost finished peice(I’m waiting for waist/bust measurements so I can add fastenings..I think its going to be poppers instead of buttons).Image

I absolutely love this pattern I created a while ago now, I’ve made so many of these jackets and they all just turn out beautifully.  I took the pattern from a favourite vintage cropped jacket of mine and then added the wrap front and the cowl neck.

This little beauty is actually going to be owned by my wonderful sister-in-crime Kim Boekbinder, who is an amazing musician-astronaut-woman who just so happens to be Tom’s brother Jim’s girlfriend (check her music here:  I thought of her the whole time I made this jacket, it’s just soooo her, so it’s fitting that it’s going to be owned by her ❤  Just to give you an example of what I’m talking about:


You get me now?!

All is good in bex-land, been setting aside/prioritising some more sewing time most days and starting on getting a nice collection of peices together for Rose Street Market.  A wonderful friend of mine and another fellow Batt-woman, Amie, (Tom’s brother Ben’s Girly) gave me this amazing pattern for a Sling Bag that she found.  I tried it out last night with some seriously scrumptious Beetroot-Red Corduroy I had a remnent of and some Indian Sari Cotton that I bought in Delhi a few years back.  It turned out so nicely, I love the length as it sits perfectly on shoulder, across body and also worn harness style with both arms through and around neck for bike riding.  Its the perfect size too =) Im going to be tweaking the pattern a little so that the seam is in the front instead of all the way around the sides to save on time and fabric and then I will be making lots of these beauties for Rose Street Market on 4th May!  Great way to use up fabric that I dont have enough of to make a full garment.


Thats it for now! Just a little update on what I’ve been creating.  Im going to go and have a play with some new cotton velvet remnents I found too, and cut out some more jackets and maybe a hooded waistcoat or two too!




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