More new designs =)



Its getting into Autumn here in Melbourne, a bit wet around the edges and a lot cooler (I am English and I flatly refuse to complain about Autumn and Winter in Australia…) which means warmer clothes and inspiration to make cosy layers to keep everyone toasty warm!

I just wanted to share with you folks some new peices I’ve been working on, in my big push to make stock for my stall at Rose Street Market which is in 2 weeks!

Here is my first go at a new pattern I’ve been working on for a simple jacket design, specifically for quilted material.  I found this amazing vintage quilt at a thrift store near me and fell in love with it straight away…its what gave me the inspiration to recreate my favourite quilted jacket that I absolutely live in.  Here is a collage of the process and the finished peice!  This beauty is not everyones cup of tea and is definately made for us funky ladies that want to be bright, colourful and cosy.  Its already got some hot admirers so this little one may not even make it to the market stall but fear not for I still have about 2 more jackets worth of the quilt left.


I’ve also wanted for a while now to make some cute little clutch bags, pouches and shoulder bags for the market stall and finally got around to having a play! So far I have created two peices, both out of recycled materials, one which is designed as a small laptop or Ipad holder (or anything you can imagine: makeup, notebooks, knitting, stationary etc etc) and another which is a fold over shoulder bag with a magnetic fastener.  Both designs are fully lined with zip fastening at the top and come with really gorgeous little recycled button details on the front.  Im so happy with how these have turned out! Its a great way of using up smaller peices of material and I’m also planning on making some pouches in a similar style specifically to house laptops, IPads and Mobile Phones.  Its coming up to Mothers Day here in Australia and I think these would make great funky little gift ideas.


I just want to make loads and load of these now!  More photos to come soon ❤

Bex xx


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  1. Heyhey just wanted to say best of luck with this-I’d really like to stop by but Emily and I will be at aerial classes tomorrow between 1 and 3 and probably in no shape to do much after that =P Do let me know when the next one is and I’ll stop and say hi! You’ll do great. Good luck.

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