Quilting Inspo and a new Foodie blog!


Hi Folks!

Firstly I just want to let you folks know about a new foodie based blog that I have started up.  It’s gradually filling up with exciting wholesome and tastey recipes, as well as updates on new nutrirional facts and ideas I am stumbling upon on my journey to healing my body from the inside out.  I will also be sharing personal updates on my diet and fitness and generally how I am doing!  So if you want to read more from me check that out at http://www.healingthispreciousbody.wordpress.com !

Now to the main topic: Quilting.  I used to work in an amazing little textiles and wool shop when I was at college, which specialised in quilting fabrics and ran workshops teaching lovely ladies how to make the most amazing quilts.  I learnt some awesome techniques whilst I was there and really fell in love with quilting.  Since leaving that job to go travel the world and then Uni, I havn’t really thought all that much about patchwork quilting…until recently!  I have the most beautiful quilt on our bed that my granny marianne made for me when I was younger that I absolutely love and the last couple of days I have found a few images that make me want to get cutting up all these amazing fabric scraps I have lying around my sewing room.

Here is a photo of my beautiful crazy-patchwork quilt.


And here are the photos I have stumbled upon recently that make me want to drop all my other endless amounts of projects (that I should TOTALLY finish first!) and get cutting out tiny peices of fabric!

IMG_9843 7852110900_da45c57c57_o 9517208980_3b20d9c705_z abcdefghi Capture Capture1

Mmm so much inspiration! I think the thing that I love about quilting is that you are creating an heirloom.  People are far more likely to treasure a quilt that has been painstakingly made for them, then they would say, a jacket.  I love my quilt from my Granny Marianne so much and know that I will have it until I am gone and then it will get passed on to my children.  I’d love to create a quilt that may do the same!

Happy quilting folks,



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  1. They’re all lovely, but yours is still the most beautiful of the lot. I have some half-finished quilt attempts that you’ve inspired me to pull out…

    • Thanks Michelle, I love mine best too 😉 I really like the random log cabin kinda style ones particularly the 2nd inspo photo in this blog…I love the bright clashy colours and the random waves of quilting over the top. I think I might well give it all ago again! Its a great way of using up little peices of fabric not big enough to make garments etc out of! Xx

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