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Inspo <3


Hi folks,

I wanted to share with you the work of the most amazing weaver duo at New Tribes Textiles.  They are a couple based out of New Mexico making the most scrumptious of scrumptious handdyed and handwoven fabric and garments!  Their work is an absolute labour of love and makes me want to go out and buy myself some timber and make a loom! I loved weaving when I was a child on the little peg looms that my mother would make for me, and the month long section on weaving during my Arts Degree was bliss, but I’d really forgotten about the magic of weaving until stumbling on the amazing craft of New Tribe Textiles.  Here are some images of their creations….what gets me seriously excited are their beautiful colour and texture combos.


Im now off to google weaving courses in my local area and have got so inspired to check out making my own loom! I think I would never stop once I started!

Check out their amazing work on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/newtribetextiles and via their creative blog http://newtribetextiles.net

Much love andhappy drooling! 😉


Inspiration-athon <3


I came across this poem today, it made me cry, and my heart fill with love and inspiration.  Its called ‘Stolen Child’ by William Butler Yeats and its my new favourite poem of all time.  Yum.


I was filled with images of the colours and scenery described in the poetry, of cherry reds and the rushing greeny blues of the water.  I want those colours in my life, now.  My aim is to experiment with natural dyes and materials…I really want to try dying different linens and muslins and play with more distressed looks and textures.  I did a lot of this during my A Level Textiles final projects and its something that Ive had on my mind for a while to get back to. 

I found this amazing woman ‘Pearl’ who runs ‘Magnolia Pearl’, an interior designs company and clothing label. Im about to bombard you with some serious photos.  Im in love, seriously. Nomnomnom!


Amazingly beautiful stuff, loving the neutral colours and textures.  Reminds me of this dress i made yeeeears and years ago


Mmmm plans plans plans! Very exciting.  Its so frustrating, ive got SO much material and lace that i have collected over the years, all over the other side of the world at my mums farm in England.  Just sitting there, taunting me =P.

So yeh thats all for now! I think I will do another post on more inspiring brands and people,  particularly Noa Noa and Moonalia, 2 amazing clothing brands I am madly in love with.

Until then, Bex xx